Guidelines for a powerful brand line

Client: Anthony Nolan

Project: Brand messaging guidelines

In 2019, charity Anthony Nolan introduced their new brand line, “Without you there is no cure”.

Working with them before launch, I created guidelines for how and where to use the line, so that it could be included effectively and consistently across different materials.

This involved mapping the audience journey, analysing how the context altered the meaning of the message, and creating a matrix to advise where it should be positioned for greatest impact.

Now, the guidelines are used to incorporate the brand line across all marketing and information materials. Making it easy to use the line to appeal to different audiences in a meaningful, powerful way; and giving it the salience it deserves.

What Anthony Nolan say...

“Gemma was a joy to with and confidently got to grips with Anthony Nolan’s brand, tone of voice and messaging. Not only did she produce high quality creative work responding to briefs - she went above and beyond to spot an opportunity to improve the consistency in our brand messaging, and produced logical and thorough guidelines that will be used across all our creative work.”