The Linton Group’s newest property development, 4-6 St Edmund’s Terrace, has a luxury vision to sell to high net-worth potential buyers.

Because the apartments are still in construction, the sales brochure needed to build a sense of the quality, atmosphere and lifestyle associated with the boutique development.

I did this by translating the design specifications into benefits-led copy that emphasises the elegant style, lasting value and premium St John’s Wood location.

It’s designed to appeal to audiences with different needs and motivations, including both local and international buyers, while still sounding like The Linton Group.

Have a browse of the full brochure.

Read a bit on the quick:

Space for every occasion

Generously proportioned living rooms combine soothing earthy tones, sumptuous textures and an exquisite twist of colour. Throughout the apartment, the flow of the finest materials between rooms amplifies the sense of spaciousness.